As a volunteer or as a leader, organize for anything you care about most.


Choose how and when you want to be involved– and how involved you want to be.


Build and maintain your volunteer community by easily starting, monitoring, and joining volunteer missions.

Get Recognized

The more involved you are the more you climb the leaderboards and earn achievements.

Make an Impact

Make a real difference together and become a more active citizen.

Get Involved Soon


Find opportunities to join local or national volunteer missions that interest you


Create and manage flexible volunteer missions to fill a gap in your community


Reach a broad audience and track mission progress in real time


Stand out by collecting points and achievements

Zeall Includes

  • A scalable task management platform
  • Curated channels to help connect missions with interested volunteers
  • Streamlined communication among volunteers
  • Analytic feedback on mission progress and volunteer communities
  • Customizable mission structures to organize large goals into achievable tasks
  • Real time activity updates and engagement statistics
  • Contextual task assignment based on volunteer proficiencies
  • Incentivized participation through points and achievements


Mission Management Task Features Targeted Engagement Collaboration Tools Analytics Achievements & Awards Maps Integrations

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